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‘Fatballoons‘, a Chennai based animation studio and institute is gaining its standing through its animation designs and creations. Three men are the brains behind the company, the co-founders Anand Kumar, Anish Mohan and the CEO Vinod Raman Kannan.

Anand Kumar eagerly talking about his studio says, “Me and my partners established Fatballoons, as we wanted to do something of our own. All of us have been working with renowned companies and hence we were very confident that we could establish something best by combining together our talents and knowledge.”

The three month old company has the same courses but different ideas to teach. Fatballoons mainly targets the international markets and strive hard to make their students capable to learn animation within six months. The studio cum institute is choosy in selecting their students and currently has only six seats available for the current year. “We are not business minded and have one training centre for very limited students who are deeply interested in Animation”, says Kumar.

USP of the company is that it is a good blend of art and business and do not believe in compromising the quality of work. The way they work is different and innovative like ‘Fatballoon‘, the character created by them. Talking about the need of animation in today‘s world, Kumar states, “Animation is entertaining and is growing at such a rate that the regular stuff is no more interesting. Basically, there is no other medium that would portray your ideas and fantasies to the best than animation.”


Reliance BIG Animation’s 3D series ‘Big Bees’ has been selected as winner among the six finalists for “Superpitch” at ATA Singapore’10. The series is getting written by internationally acclaimed writer Mark Young.

The six finalists of the ATF Superpitch were Big Bees by Big Animation (I) Pvt Ltd, India; Captain Al‘s Adventure by Joy-Team Animation Production Co., Ltd, Taiwan; Cossack Warriors by Berketa Media Magic Pty Ltd, Australia; REEF by Oranghutan Productions Sdn Bhd, Malaysia; Superhero Hospital by SOFA Studio, Taiwan; and The Travels of Wiglington by Wenks by Wiglington and Wenks Worldwide Pte Ltd, Singapore.

The Superpitch was judged by a panel of seasoned industry professionals like Graham Perkins – Co-CEO, Business, RUNE Entertainment; Fabian Tan – Executive Producer, Iceberg Design; Ken Anderson – Founder, Red Kite Animations; Marc Checkley – Group Editor, Television Asia Plus; Melody Uy – Editor, Asia Image; and Rahmat A Samad – Executive Producer – Content Creation Division, Production – Mediacorp Studios.

“Nature is fun” and experiencing the wonders of nature can be exceedingly entertaining. This core thought had been the source of inspiration for developing Big Bees – a 3D television series for kids in the genre of edutainment.

The focus of the series will be to provide a wholesome entertainment and education to kids in the age group of 5-7 years, around ‘wonders of nature’, a series of 52 exceedingly entertaining episodes of 11 minutes each.

Big Bees is a concept around the bee world where bees are the central characters. Being an inseparable part of our nature the bees have a symbolic representation with teamwork, focus, dedication, fun loving, close-knitted community and adaptability. The series will make sure that kids from a very early age appreciates and values the nature around them by being thoroughly informed about the wonders that nature provides and how to conserve it for their better future.

Ashish S.K. CEO BIG Animation (I) Pvt. Ltd. says, “Being a musical edutainment for kids, we are confident of associating with the target audience on a global scale. We are at an advanced stage of development and looking for partners in both co-production and distribution.”

It’s a concept revolving around an interactive environment along with the bees, which makes the whole ambience vibrant. What makes the bee world so entertaining is the never-ending fun, which stands out as the hallmark of all the bee characters. The freshness in terms of look and content of this series will surely captivate and engross kids on a global scale.