“Jab we met again,” a film student Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects Bandra won the 2nd prize for Best Animated Film Festival Hello India. The film was also nominated for Best Animated Short
in category Frameflixx1 conducted by Frameboxx, held in April 2009.

Filmmakers student said: “We are absolutely thrilled about it and we are grateful to India Welcome to enjoy our work.” Jyoti Nathani, head center adds proudly: “It’s an honor win this prestigious award. frameboxx On behalf of the whole team and we thank Hello festival of India and the jury to assess and motivate our students. In the coming years, our students continue to give high quality of work and creativity of world class. ”

The student team used to have a lot of brainstorming with teachers and friends during the pre-production. Their power over Kalpesh Kheradia suggested developing a history of non-living objects coming to life and thus the concept of making a “love story” of coins entered their minds.

From the concept stage, everything was a challenge for the team as it was their first project. Character design has been a difficult task because the main character in the film was a coin, and give him the look impressive with the features keeping the design intact part was a challenge to them take long to get the final look of the character. The team was short of leaders and people in the team had any kind of animation before, and the film has had 2 live input characters to life, which was quite a task, but through the orientation of their mentor, they were able to pull it off. At the end of the day, it was the difficulties encountered from pre to post production was a learning experience.

The team added: “It was a great learning experience that we were all in the middle of our course when we started working on the film. He has given us practical experience. Whatever we learn, we have been implementing it in our project. We have also learned to understand that working in a production pipeline, because it works in a professional studio that was created by our mentors. “